Fees for derivatives trading on Moscow Exchange for Q1 2017

The final settlement prices of futures contracts that are used to calculate trading fees for futures contracts (denoted as FutPrice) were determined in the evening clearing session on 15 December 2016 (in accordance with the new Tariffs of the Derivatives Market), Moscow Exchange announced.

The absolute values of trading fees for futures to be applicable from 19:00 MSK on 3 January 2017 until 19:00 MSK on 3 April 2017 were also determined. A 50% discount on the trading fee will be applicable to scalper trades.

Values of settlement prices to be used to set trading fees for derivatives, as well as the absolute values of the trading fees that will be reviewed on a quarterly basis during the transitional period (03 October 2016 – 02 October 2017) will be published on the Moscow Exchange’s website as follows:

Futures settlement price (FutPrice) date Publication date for the absolute values of the fees Effective period
1 15 Sep 2016 16 Sep 2016 03 Oct   2016 – 03 Jan 2017
2 15 Dec 2016 16 Dec 2016 03 Jan 2017 – 03 Apr 2017
3 15 Mar 2017 16 Mar 2017 03 Apr 2017 – 03 July 2017
4 15 June  2017 16 June  2017 03 July 2017 – 02 Oct   2017

During the transitional period, options will be charged on the basis of exchange fees for futures contracts at 0.5% of their theory price in RUB set by the end of the evening clearing session of the preceding day. In this case, the fee cannot exceed 200% of the fee for futures.

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Fees for derivatives trading on Moscow Exchange for Q1 2017

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