Dubai Financial Market approves International Financial Brokerage for margin trading

Middle Eastern regional securities market Dubai Financial Market (DFM) which is governed and regulated by the UAE Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) this week announced that
“International Financial Brokerage” has been accredited to provide margin trading services, lifting the total number of DFM brokerage firms providing this service to 32 companies.

The total value of margin trading reached to AED 58.3 billion ($USD 15.2 billion) representing 19.26% of the market’s total trading value during 2015 and number of Margin Trading transactions reached to 534,952 in the same year. Margin Trading permits brokerage companies to fund a percentage of the market value of securities traded, and secure as collateral for the same securities or any other collateral as required by the SCA’s license.

To view the official release click here.

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