Derivatives trading at Moscow Exchange resumed at 23.00 yesterday

An outage of just over one hour occurred on the Moscow Exchange derivatives market yesterday. Will confidence be affected?

Derivatives trading at Moscow Exchange (MOEX) resumed late yesterday evening after an outage of just over one hour.

The Russian venue did not elaborate as to the reason for the disruption, which occurred at 21.43 local time, however did explain that at 23.00, trading on the derivatives market had fully resumed and that the trading system had become available for order withdrawal.

Moscow’s drive toward the mainstream markets has been assisted by the installation of point to point connectivity between Frankfurt and London last year, provided by Canadian venue-neutral infrastructure firm TMX Atrium, as well as Russia’s strong will to elevate the ruble to major currency status.

The resultant demand for ruble liquidity has benefitted MOEX tremendously, with volumes increasing exponentially, however an unexplained trading disruption could serve to dent confidence and keep the more conservative traders firmly attached to their familiar North American institutional trading heartlands.

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