cTrader gets fully transparent with orders through fills

Spotware systems achieves complete tracking of the position from open til closure on its cTrader platform.

cTrader is well on its way to become the most transparent non-dealing desk platform on the market with its new feature to provide a full breakdown of positions into orders and deals. Each order gets its unique ID that can then be tracked in the system and the matching bid/ask price can be found in the platform – full details about partial filling, times of filling and related trading events are available.

Alex Katsaros, who heads the development team clarified, that every customer can now see what happened to his trade from the second it was opened to the moment the trader clicked the “close” button.


Customer support agents and their managers will be relieved to hear they are to be dealing no more with questions such as when was this trade filled, and why was it filled at “this” instead of “that” price. All of the above information is fully accessible by the customer, as for every executed deal a “snapshot” of the market is showing pricing and liquidity information which clarify as to why the order was filled where it was.

Further enhancements have been rolled out – the Tradewatch information panel, which displays positions and order information now shows the number of orders and positions active, and it also permits in a swift and quick manner to double the volume of a position or to reverse it with a single click.

Mr. Katsaros elaborated further on the release and explained that full transparency benefits the customer as much as the broker since in every business full transparency brings more mutual trust and better understanding between counterparties. The company’s other platforms cAlgo (used for algorithmic trading) and HTML 5 based cTrader Web will also support the new features.

Spotware Systems is a London based neutral financial technology provider offering comprehensive e-FX STP solutions for brokers, banks and their clients.

Spotware are best known for their flagship NDD and STP trading platform, cTrader, and its companion algorithmic trading platform, cAlgo. The company provides an easily integrated PaaS (Platform as a Service) solution to broker-dealers, banks, and other financial services firms looking to implement and offer manual and algorithmic NDD eFX trading with a complete back-end management system.

To see more about the new cTrader trade  transparency click here.

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