CQG now connected to Australian Securities Exchange’s (ASX’s) premium ultra-low latency protocol

CQG today announced direct market access to ASX 24 ITCH™, the Australian Securities Exchange’s (ASX’s) premium ultra-low latency protocol for accessing ASX 24 markets, which include interest rate futures and options, equity futures and options, agricultural futures and options, and energy futures and options. The new connection allows CQG customers to access ASX 24 ITCH™ market data through all of its trading products, including its flagship platform CQG Integrated Client, and its mobile app CQG M. ASX 24 ITCH™ has been developed as a comprehensive market data offering with direct trade capabilities from the ASX Trade24® platform.

“ASX 24 contracts are some of the top globally traded futures products, which makes the new connection attractive to us and our customers,” Leighton Andrew, Managing Director Asia-Pacific at CQG, said. “We continue to focus on giving our traders access to key markets at very high speeds.”

ASX 24 ITCH™ features include:

  • dissemination of the full depth and best prices for all contracts
  • dissemination of spread traded prices and volumes
  • improved latency stability
  • control of the Socket
  • multicast stream of order book changes
  • every order in the book, using a series of messages to track the life of an order

David Raper, Executive General Manager Trading Services with ASX, said: “ASX first welcomed CQG to the Australian Liquidity Centre (ALC), the only dedicated financial markets data centre in Australia, in 2012. We are delighted that CQG is growing its portfolio of innovative market data tools for the diverse financial markets ecosystem within the ALC. With our recent collaboration providing access to CQG trading products over our network, ASX Net, ASX is now pleased to support CQG and its clients with access to ASX 24 ITCH™ in the ALC, which is positioned at the heart of Australia’s financial markets. Access to ASX 24 ITCH will provide improved latency, stability and rich market data direct from the ASX Trade24 trading platform.”

For the official release from CQG click here.

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