China Investment Information Services Ltd. to act as official distributor and licensor of Moscow Exchange market data in China

Moscow Exchange, Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) and its wholly owned subsidiaries China Investment Information Services Ltd (CIIS) and SSE InfoNet Ltd. today announced a partnership in which CIIS will act as the official distributor and licensor of Moscow Exchange (MOEX) market data in mainland China.

A signing ceremony attended by representatives from MOEX, SSE InfoNet Ltd. and CIIS was held in Moscow today to celebrate the new partnership.

Igor Marich, MOEX

Igor Marich, Managing Director, Member of Executive Board at Moscow Exchange, said:

We are keen to strengthen our partnership with SSE through that market data dissemination agreement. Development of links with Chinese financial market as well as our business with market data are the strategic priorities for Moscow Exchange. For the last years we have made tremendous progress in building RMB-RUB market on MOEX and MOEX market data dissemination in China helps us with attracting Chinese investors to Moscow Exchange.

Ms. DuJuan WAN, Chairman of SSE InfoNet Ltd added:

SSE, together with other institutions, has been devoting itself to building bridges between local investors and the international capital market. With CIIS providing technical support and acting as marketing and sales agency of MOEX market data in mainland China, SSE moves a further step towards internationalization. We believe this strategic co-operation will enrich our product portfolio. Local information vendors and investors can easily access international market data through our China Investment Information Platform in a very cost effective way.

The new cooperation corresponds to the ideas and initiatives of the “One Belt, One Road” development strategy of China and will promote common growth of the two exchanges and two markets. The partnership provides Chinese residents with easy access to the Russian market information and facilitates to expand and strengthen Moscow Exchange’s business in China.

Under the agreement, SSE will be responsible for real-time distribution, as well as marketing and sales of key Moscow Exchange market data products in mainland China. These products include data about equities, bonds, currency, futures and options traded at Moscow Exchange’s markets and other trading floors who provide Moscow Exchange with their market data on the legal basis.

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