Boston Prime: 5 latency maps showing the routes between MT4 servers

Boston Technologies liquidity partner Boston Prime issued today an interesting graphic showing their latency speeds across different setups and locations on their MT4 servers. Time flies as it’s already been a month since Boston Technologies and Forexware formal merger announcement. Boston Technologies is credited with launching the first commercial MT4 Bridge in 2007 to the trading community so their network is well established. Have a look at the different maps below for Hong Kong, London, Tokyo and Boston:

Latency Maps

1. Latency between BT Servers over Private Lines


In milliseconds round trip

*These are latency routes between BT servers. Connections are secure and most of them are going over private lines (dedicated lines).

MT4 Server locations: HK, London, Tokyo and Boston ecomm Locations: NY4, LD4, TY3

between BT Servers over Private Lines

2. Latency from Boston DC (iLand) over regular Internet

All BT MT4s in the US are hosted in iLand Boston

from Boston DC( iLand) over regular Internet

3. Latency from London LD4 DC over regular Internet


Our Live 3 MT4 server is hosted in LD4 along with ecommerce aggregator

from London LD4 DC over regular Internet

4. Latency from HK Datacenter over regular Internet



We have BT Asia shared MT4 server in Hong Kong

from HK Datacenter over regular Internet

5. Latency from Tokyo KVH Datacenter over regular Internet

We have BT Japan 1 and BT Japan 2 Mt4 servers hosted in Tokyo’s KVH. Ecommerce aggregator is hosted in TY3.

from Tokyo KVH Datacenter over regular Internet

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