Anna Kuznetsova and Igor Marich elected to the Moscow Exchange executive board

On Thursday July 21, 2016 meeting, the Moscow Exchange (ticker MOEX) Supervisory Board appointed Anna Kuznetsova, Managing Director of MOEX’s Equity & Bond Market and Igor Marich, Managing Director of MOEX’s FX and Money Markets to be members of the Executive Board for two years.

These appointments increase the number of members of the Executive Board to six, now including two key front-office directors who have a 15-year history with the Exchange, as well as unique expertise and a track record of managing major exchange products and new projects. Anna Kuznetsova and Igor Marich were nominated for those positions by the Supervisory Board in April 2016 and were subsequently approved by the Bank of Russia.

At present the Executive Board consists of CEO Alexander Afanasiev, Chief Financial Officer Evgeny Fetisov, Chief Information Officer Sergei Poliakoff and Chief Operating Officer Dmitry Shcheglov.

Anna Kuznetsova began her career in the financial markets at NAUFOR in 1999. In 2001, Kuznetsova joined the RTS Stock Exchange. In 2008, she continued at the MICEX Stock Exchange where she was in charge of the securities market.

Igor Marich has been working for Moscow Exchange since 2000. Prior to joining the Exchange, he held different positions at banks where he was responsible for development of securities operations. He was involved in reforming operations in government bonds and in establishing the regulated repo market. He also completed INSEAD’s Transition to General Management programme.

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