After a bumper June, Hotspot FX volumes tail off again

KCG’s FX ECN has enjoyed an upturn in trading activity recently, with June’s volumes having run counter to the general trend across the entire industry for low volumes.

Hotspot FX has today released full details for the month of July 2014, which demonstrate that June’s increased figures were short lived and the possibility of moving away from the doldrums may not have emerged yet.

In July, Hotspot FX achieved a total volume of $551.3 billion, down substantially from June’s $578.2 billion.

Average daily volumes for July weighed in at $23.9 billion across the month, which is 13% down compared to the previous month. June’s average daily volume figure of $27.5 billion, a month during which average daily volumes at Hotspot FX had increased over May by 6.4%.

It is certainly apparent that average daily volumes are still considerably below the $30 billion per month mark, which the company had exceeded during several consecutive months at the beginning of the year.


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