Admiral Markets adds indicative risk and profit feature to MT4 Supreme Edition

Retail Forex broker Admiral Markets earlier today unveiled an update to its MT4 Supreme Edition, an add-on to the popular trading platform MetaTrader 4. From now on users of the solution will be able to see the indicative risk and profit for their positions in the MT4 terminal.

Up until now, it was not easily possible to see positions risk in MetaTrader 4 in one’s account currency. However, thanks to the new feature, traders are able to get a fast overview of their positions risk and profits, as long as they have set an SL or TP for the position.

The broker gives the following example:

If a trader has an open GBP/USD order with a volume of 1 Lots and an SL of 10 Pips, the software will calculate the risk and will display this in the column Risk (indicative).


In addition, traders are now also able to get a summary for all of their accounts trades and see the combined risk and profits for all of their positions. This feature enables easier assessment of risk.

Indicative risk is showing what the amount of loss or profit would be if an order is closed exactly at the stop loss (take profit) level.


The latest enhancements are introduced several months after Admiral Markets added a new indicator that makes trading on several charts easier and sound alerts for orders to the MT4 Supreme Edition.

To view the official announcement by the broker on the new MT4 Supreme Edition updates, click here.

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