Acuity Trading integrates sentiment indicators into MT4

Fintech firm Acuity Trading has announced today the integration of their news sentiment trading tools on the popular MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform.

Online brokers subscribed to Acuity Trading will be able to offer their clients trading on MT4 access to Acuity’s news sentiment indicators. This can be done via the Expert Advisor (EA) folder in the same way as other tools and indicators.

Acuity’s indicators extract sentiment from millions of financial news articles every day using sophisticated natural language processing technology. As a result, they provide a metric and visual cue of market mood towards various assets and offer new trade ideas only made evident by using such technological capabilities.

Single-Mac-MT4-screen-300x259“Our objective has always been to make news analytics technology more accessible for the retail market so the integration of our sentiment tools in to MT4 is a natural step in that direction,” says Andrew Lane, Managing Director of Acuity Trading.

“Being such a popular platform for brokers we have invested in the development of the integration to include some key functionality such as quick trade link buttons and customisation features such as multi languages and branding adaptation so that traders have a better user experience,” continues Mr Lane.

This announcement comes after several company developments unveiled in recent weeks including the launch of Acuity’s latest Market Alerts product and research findings that confirm the predictive capabilities of several of Acuity’s indicators.

“With virtually a full pipeline of development for new clients in the coming months, integration of Acuity’s tools in to MT4 has been an important step that will allow faster access for brokers who do not require bespoke development,” says Brad Alexander, VP of Sales at Acuity Trading.

To view the full announcement from Acuity Trading, click here.

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