Vantage FX’s head of IT discusses MT4 Forex trading server upgrade

ASIC regulated Vantage FX this week announced a substantial upgrade of its live trading server locations, relocating the Sydney server to New York. The move was made to improve stability and execution speed for clients that the new Equinix, Inc. (NASDAQ:EQIX) hosted London/New York server combination will bring.

An increasing demand from clients needing faster, institutional price execution led the company to make the decision of upgrading servers and adopting a live server in New York. Furthermore, Vantage FX noted a substantial increase in trading volume and flow across all its network infrastructure assets, the new server combination helps accommodate this growth.

Cong Li – Director of IT of Vantage FX said the following:

Vantage FX has reached a growth stage in the business where we are making strategic steps to further enhance the trading speed and executions for our clients.

We understand that when trading forex, every millisecond counts and the steps we have taken in migrating our first trading server from Sydney to New York will increase execution speed at a noticeable level.

Li provided exclusive insight with LeapRate which you can read below:

Any plans to release a FIX-API for traders?

At the moment, we don’t have any plans to release a FIX-API at Vantage FX.  Of course, this could change if we receive sufficient demand from our larger account holders, but at the moment our IT focus is firmly on increasing the trading experience of all our clients, no matter their trading account size.

How much do China based traders make up the bulk of Vantage FX clientele?

China is a hugely important market for Vantage FX.  Just looking at our server map, you can see that we have data centres across China and are always working with our extensive IB network in the country to drive new business in the region.  We still view China as a developing market in terms of forex trading with unrivalled potential and as such will continue to allocate resources to further take advantage of this.

What are your thoughts on MetaTrader 5?

From our clients point of view, MT4 is still king.  But speaking to MetaQuotes internally, we know that they are very keen on forcing a transition to MT5.  This certainly puts us in a tough position.

We are making sure that we are ahead of the curve on our MT5 process development, so when the time comes to make the transition to MT5 we will be ready.  But we definitely won’t run a ‘hard cut off date’ on MT4 for as long as MetaQuotes allows us to.

A unique aspect of the broker is your proprietary MT4 for Mac software, any plans to resell this platform to other brokers?

The Vantage FX MT4 for Mac Platform has been adapted from the Windows version in-house by our IT team.  We have no plans to resell this platform to other brokers at this stage.

Any plans to move some IT functions outside the country?

Vantage FX are still very much an Australian forex broker and fully regulated by ASIC.  This was simply a server migration so our client base can gain a technological advantage when it comes to stability and execution speed.  Our head office is still based in Sydney and our main focus stays with Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

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