PrimeXM reports 25.51% MoM growth in trading volume for March

Technology provider PrimeXM reported $48.22 billion Average Daily Volume across the 3 major data center locations and a total of $1.15 trillion in monthly trading volume. These volumes reached a 25.51% MoM increase compared to February 2020 and a spike of a more than 59% in the total number of trades compared to previous month.London data centre LD4 reached 73% of traded volume, over $844 billion in notional value.

PrimeXM reports almost 6% MoM decrease in December trading volumes

XAUUSD was the most traded instrument, reaching $223.6 billion, close to 20% of the overall traded volume. The top traded instruments made up by 3 top US stock indices and German Index (GER30) represent over 17%.

The YTD chart shows fluctuation in trading activities between mid-February to mid-March amid higher volatility in the marketplace fueled by Coronavirus pandemic.


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