IS Prime launches PredatorWatch for forex brokers to identify toxic clients before they trade

Following its recent acquisition of  risk management solutions provider ThinkLiquidity, brokerage solutions provider IS Prime has announced the launch of a new product called PredatorWatch, out of its newly minted division IS Risk Analytics (ISRA).

ISRA’s PredatorWatch is meant to help brokers to identify toxic clients before or shortly after they trade.

PredatorWatch uses ISRA’s wide client footprint to develop and maintain an extensive database of IP addresses and trading characteristics to isolate and neutralise previously identified toxic strategies before they do significant damage. With real-time email triggers and alerting tools, clients can be informed about potential toxic flow and be advised by ISRA on how best to protect their business from abusive trading practices.

Jeff Wilkins, ISRA

Jeff Wilkins, Managing Director of ISRA explains,

The ability to identify toxic clients has been a successful feature in our full suite of risk management services, resulting in a strong ROI.

We have decided to release it as a separate stand-alone service to help brokers and liquidity providers to avoid significant losses from clients who are manipulating the market. This is an ongoing issue – just recently a number of brokers and liquidity providers suffered significant losses from GBP/NZD activity. ISRA can play a key role in helping our clients to combat such predatory behaviour.

ISRA says that PredatorWatch is a simple service to activate, with ISRA setting up all database connections and email alerts on behalf of its clients.

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  • Michael Combe

    And here is yet more evidence of how crooked brokers are. Blame the few clients who can legitimately make money trading by preventing them from doing so again in future. Bravo, Jeff Wilkins. Hope you take a toxic (flow) bath.

  • ahmet atasever

    There are already few % of clients in the market, so you find the way to stop them???!!!
    Firstly you should develop software for toxic brokers which are manupilating the market. The clients can’t manupilate market, they can just use the brokers’ bad price feeds which are working against the clients most of time.
    So you have to stop smile like you find great tool!!!!

    • I do agree here. Much easier for a broker to just cut off the feed of a misbehaving client than it is for a client to get his money back from a bucket shop broker. Transparency (and then trust) has to work both ways.

      I’ve always imagined a tool where a client could measure the real latency between client -> broker -> LP. Oh wait, brokers ALREADY have this ability via FIX receipts, but just volunteer not to provide it to clients 🙁

  • Vladimir

    It’s a very bad move for IS Prime to get involved in the dirty game of so called risk management. Think Liquidity had a bad smell and now the smell just got worse.

  • Allistar

    being somewhat new to the industry, but having read a few post on ThinkLiquidity / IS Prime it seems ThinkLiquidity has a bad reputation. Can anyone provide specifics on what makes them bad?

  • Costas

    What you are all saying makes no sense. ThinkLiquity (now ISRA or whatever) doesn’t hold client funds. They don’t trade with or against clients. They just provide analysis tools to brokers. And they’re a pretty popular supplier of them at that. How exactly do they have a bad rep @disqus_LBkBgQw6kD:disqus ? Sounds like you’re an IS Prime competitor looking to spread false rumours.

    • Allistar

      @Costas sounds personal for you…, That statement was based on comments on this thread as well as other threads on LeapRate when ThinkLiquidity’s name comes up. There always are multiple comments about ThinkLiquidity and them being bad.

      I am not saying they are good or bad as I have never had any dealing with them. Just making an observation.

      And actually I was trying to have the other posts provide specific examples of why they are bad. Vs. just spreading negative information with not supporting evidence.

    • ahmet atasever

      why are you defending ISRA? It seems you are working in ISRA. Please tell your stupid director to start developing good things for the world’s trader.
      Your company slogan is that “technology firm that improves the profitability of their global partners”
      If your aim is improves profitability of forex brokers, it means you are working against the clients. So no need to read bad reviews about your company, because your aim is improving casino’s profitability by stopping clients’ profit!!!

  • Steve

    IS Prime…backed by ISam or should I call IShame…they are a dodgy broker…with shit Capital and want to serve institutional clients!!
    Costas…changing name hmm…You are one of the Ishame staff. IS prime’s capital is less than 1m GBP…look at their last 3 years financials.

  • Costas

    No Steve. Their capital base as at March 31, 2016 (latest available) is GBP 2.4 million, you can read their financials online at Companies House

  • Douglas Paul

    Toxic clients? A “service to help brokers and liquidity providers to avoid significant losses from clients who are manipulating the market?” Are you kidding me? How in the hell can retail traders “manipulate” the market? What you really have here is software that helps identify traders that are profitable. It then uses tactics to make profitable traders unprofitable. So, basically, you are employing illegal practices masked behind a piece of software. I wonder if the authorities know about this?

    • Alex McKenzie

      Douglas, if you have to ask that question then you clearly are unqualified to take part in this discussion. There is widespread market manipulation and toxic behaviour from clients, particularly those that open multiple accounts with small deposits in order to profit from hurting brokers e.g. Smashing comex to push up gold futures then dumping on to CFD providers books (as is a huge problem in certain parts of Asia…). Clients that are profitable aren’t the problem as they are just STPd by brokers – it’s the ones running strategies that are designed to take advantage of inefficiencies rather than just being good traders. Ask any bank – it’s exactly how they profile clients “soft v sharp, toxic vs non-toxic” and HFTs are regulatory setting up accounts now.
      It’s tools like this that help brokers identify people that at are behaving in this way and protects brokers, LPs and the market alike.

      • Douglas Paul

        The reason I have to ask that question is because it is rhetorical, and until you can show me how small retail traders can create enough volume to individually affect ANY market, you are the one that is unqualified to take part in this discussion.

        • Dave

          EURNOK in Asia hours is easy to move around. It’s not generally guys with one 10k account but those with several 100k accounts or even tens of 20k accounts. You can do it with gold easily. These guys are only trying to move it a few pips or cents. You read the COMEX book, when you see a gap or then liquidity you send a big order through (maybe only a couple of thousand ounces) and it the CFD guys a ms later. If you actually look at gold liqudity on CME its not that great.

          • Douglas Paul

            You mean arbitrage? The same thing brokers do thousands of times a day? Then the brokers are the most “toxic,” and we need software to identify them – not the other way around.

          • Vali

            You Sir are a complete idiot. End of your story with retail manipulating the market and hurting poor honest brokers (LOL)

          • Dave

            Vali, I can assure you I am not an idiot, I have worked for a bank, broker, ECN and now I prop trade very well myself. I don’t trade through a retail broker myself, there are plenty out there who will scam you although FCA ones are the best chance you have of being treated fairly. I don’t like ISPrime either as they are just getting a rev share deal from someone like XTX. However, it doesn’t change the point that retail clients can also be pretty bad themselves. I know some guys who try all sorts to make a quick buck. I once had a cilent who only traded once per month, he traded 5 seconds before the same news announcement and guessed it correct every time, we didn’t care because we were STP but the CFTC did. The EURNOK trade happens all the time, more so no that liquidity is thinner. There are loads of scams out there retail traders use. Using LMAX as a fast feed and arbing the Cypriot guys. Flooding the MT4 server with off market orders to slow it down and create a latency arb. Its all done by smart clients who are just individuals. Trade FX on the CME if you don’t like the OTC market.

      • Shawn

        “Smashing comex to push up gold futures then dumping on to CFD providers books…it’s the ones running strategies that are designed to take advantage of inefficiencies”

        That sounds like sour grapes for being outsmarted..

        If said CFD providers are taking risk rather than STPing their flow, then it’s their own fault for letting themselves get picked off. Risk is risk, nobody granted anyone a license to run a foolproof B-book.

        • Brian Rogers

          Seems like you’re both in agreement guys – Shawn “then it’s their fault for getting picked off”… so seems to me that these tools just stop them getting picked off so therefore it is acceptable, no?
          You know not all brokers are “out to get us” and they only way they can give good pricing is through protecting themselves from people trying to rip them off. No, not your average retail punter, but people hiding behind accounts like Dave was talking about below.


IS Prime launches PredatorWatch for forex brokers to identify toxic clients before they trade


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