Virtu Financial launches its new data-as-a-service platform Open Technology

Virtu Financial, Inc. (NASDAQ: VIRT), a financial services and technology provider, announced the launch of Open Technology, a new data-as-a-service platform.

Open Technology offers a vast range of services and data endpoints enabled by unified application programming interface (API) architecture. The APIs provides access for subscribers of normalized market-data calculations and enriched transaction cost data across equity, FX, fixed income and futures.

Through Open Technology, clients will have access to Virtu’s calculated Transaction Cost Analytics (TCA) results, Virtu’s curated and cleansed market-data APIs for clients to perform in-house analysis directly and API access to Virtu’s full suite of multi-asset market impact models.

Virtu Financial

Kevin O’Connor, head of Virtu’s broker-neutral Analytics and Workflow Technology division said:

Kevin O’Connor

Our new product, Open Technology, is just one of the many new offerings that have come out of our multi-year infrastructure rebuild. At launch, the initial set of APIs address client demand for direct access to the data underlying their transaction cost analysis and our Open Technology platform makes this accessible, even for non-programmers.

Virtu’s TCA products are made available through Virtu’s broker-neutral Workflow Technology and Analytics division which is used by buy-side and sell-side firms internationally to help monitor, analyze and improve their quality of execution. Future APIs built on the Open Technology platform will enable access to data and services from other Virtu businesses such as Workflow Technology and Execution Services.

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