DXtrade platform now offers FXStreet economic calendar for brokers

London-based software provider for the financial industry Devexperts has integrated the DXtrade SaaS trading platform with the Economic Calendar by information and resources provider for forex traders, FXStreet.

DXtrade is a trading platform for experienced and amateur FX/CFD brokers worldwide. The economic calendar in the platform is provided by FXStreet and allows traders to track events of their choice. The calendar equips traders with indicators that help them anticipate which economic data releases will impact market volatility the most, while also showing additional useful information for each data release.

The economic calendar from FXStreet assists traders who rely on fundamental analysis, as well as those who combine it with technical analysis in their decision. In the DXtrade platform, the calendar can be viewed individually or it can added to the same screen as other trading platform components such as a traders charts, watchlists or positions.


Setxi Fernández, CEO at FXStreet said:

Setxi Fernandez, FXStreet

Setxi Fernandez

The aim of FXStreet is to keep traders informed, so they can make the best decision when placing trades in the markets. We firmly believe that with this new partnership with DXtrade, we will be able to expand our reach and help even more traders with a trustworthy partner who shares our values about the FX market.

Conor O’Driscoll, VP of OTC Platform at Devexperts added:

Conor O’Driscoll, Devexperts

Conor O’Driscoll
Source: LinkedIn

As part of our ongoing commitment to deliver a best-in-class platform for brokers and their clients, we have added the FXStreet Economic Calendar to the DXtrade platform. FXStreet has long been recognised as the market standard for FX news providers and we are glad to have them on our platform.

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