FXStreet launches media agency FinancialMarkets.media

FXStreet has announced the launch of the new independent media agency specialized in financial markets – FinancialMarkets.media. The agency will be managed by the existing FXStreet’s Marketing and Traders team.

The launch is driven by the growth of the company’s broker and publisher networks in the last years. The company noted that this demanded specialization in order to offer services that respond to its clients’ needs. The new network will also expand the firm’s reach in the market and bring in more partners until it becomes an independent advertising and marketing agency.

Sergi López Tomàs, previous CMO to FXStreet.com and now CEO at FinancialMarkets.media, commented:

Sergi López Tomàs, FinancialMarkets.media

Sergi López Tomàs

FinancialMarkets.media will continue to be part of the FXStreet, as its exclusive media agency. However, we will become a new independent media agency inside the group, which will allow us to offer our services to more institutions and publishers for the Forex, Cryptos, Stock and Commodities markets, as well as banks and hedge funds. We know a lot of players in the market and we understand their needs.

This FXStreet spin-off business will increase the business opportunities for its clients offering a wider publisher and financial institutions network. Clients will have more options for investing their budget, more advertising placements to accommodate the different business models, needs and marketing objectives.

FinancialMarkets.media launches

Sergi López Tomàs said:

We not only aspire to continue executing profitable investments for our clients, but also maximize them.

The company also emphasized that its work will continue to guide financial institutions and publishers so that its clients can run communications in the right media according to their needs and budgets. This will allow publishers to  find the right brokers to fill in their advertisement stocks according to both parties’ needs.

Carolina Bracale, Marketing and Communications Manager of FinancialMarkets.media, added:

Carolina Bracale, FinancialMarkets.media

Carolina Bracale

We want to turn business transactions into win-win profitable investments and build strong long-term relationships between partners.

The team of experts of FinancialMarkets.media boasts 20 years of experience in online advertising for the finance market.

Sergi López Tomàs concluded:

Programmatic advertising is OK but it still fails to understand the needs of the players and that is where my team makes the big difference, we are humans behind the machines who happen to be experts in Marketing and Trading the markets.

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