FXStreet switches to HTTPS

The swap to HTTPS offers users further cyber security to get all the Forex information they need to trade

The Forex information website FXStreet has announced today the switch to HTTPS.

FXStreet is one of the first Forex media websites to put up the lock icon and an extra “s” next to its URL on the browser’s address bar to guarantee the secureness of the website.

What does it mean to be HTTPS?

Once you visit an HTTPS site, you will be protected against malicious activities and content alteration because it means encryption, data integrity and authenticity.

The encryption guarantees you that there’s no one that might be spying on the content as it goes from the server to your device. The data integrity assures you that the data from the server has not been modified by any third-party. Authenticity means that the site that is loading is the one that you wanted to visit.

Carolina May

FXStreet’s CEO Carolina May commented:

Security is a top priority for us. Switching to HTTPS made our site safer for our users. Data received by the user cannot be corrupted and information received by FXStreet is encrypted. We did a step forward towards security on the internet and we hope this will benefit our audience.

FXStreet’s CTO Javier Hertfelder confirmed that

With the switch to HTTPS, FXStreet has added an extra security layer that will benefit users and partners, increasing, even more, the level of trust in our brand.

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