Brokers using MetaTrader 5 can now access US Cash Equities through DriveWealth

US share trading is now available directly in MetaTrader 5 through a server to server connection.

For brokers using MetaTrader 5 server, direct integration to multiple brokerage APIs is not required anymore. Brokers ca now order the MetaTrader 5 gateway for integration with dealers like DriveWealth and perform trades on US exchanges.

Server to server connection allows for trading DriveWealth’s fractionalized US equities. Clients can place orders of any size, even for less than a share. For instance, one can place an order for half a share of AAPL or 1.2345 shares of AMZN.

MetaTrader 5 now offers access to US Cash Equities through DriveWealth

DriveWealth’s Qualified Intermediary partner, MarketsDirect, can attract non-US brokers and provide a MetaTrader 5 supported server to server multi-asset trading platform, connecting to DriveWealth for full and fractional share trading in US equities. The dealer offers FX and futures markets and within the MarketsDirect environment, it can also leverage across asset classes.

Robert Cortright, CEO of DriveWealth commented:

Robert Cortright, DriveWealth

Robert Cortright

I started DriveWealth with the goal of increasing access to U.S. markets and modernizing the way the world invests. We have been perfecting our patent-pending Fracker technology since 2015. We have partnered with fintechs and financial institutions in 153 countries to enable access of U.S. equities for retail investors. Now we are excited to provide investing ability in real-time fractional shares of exchange-traded U.S. equities, via the MetaTrader 5 platform.

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