TriOptima reports a new record for FX forwards compression


TriOptima, the multilateral compression provider that lowers costs and mitigates risk in OTC markets, has announced that counterparties using the triReduce CLS FX compression service have eliminated $9.1 trillion of gross notional value from their FX forward portfolios in 2019. This new record equates to an annual increase of 71%.

LeapRate reminds that the company set another record for its triReduce portfolio compression service back in January 2019.


In Q4 alone, the service compressed $4.9 trillion of gross notional value, 153% above the previous quarterly high achieved in Q3 2018.

Guy Rowcliffe, Global Head of Optimization Services and TriOptima, CME Group, commented on the news:

As FX forwards volumes continue to grow, and in response to capital rule changes and increased regulatory interest in FX compression, clients have a greater need for flexible risk mitigation services to achieve capital and operational efficiencies. We are pleased with this new milestone for FX forwards compression and look forward to extending our service offering in 2020.

The increase in notional reductions seen in 2019 demonstrates the value triReduce CLS FX continues to deliver for our clients,” said Alan Marquard, Chief Business Development Officer, CLS. “It enables them to further improve their capital efficiencies and significantly reduce risk, while contributing to the smooth and efficient running of the FX market.

Citi remains committed to working closely with its clients to drive capital efficiencies by maximizing notional compression opportunities across the industry,” added Chris Perkins, Global Head of Foreign Exchange Prime Brokerage and OTC Clearing, Citi. “Our business model greatly benefits from the notional we have eliminated through the triReduce CLS FX service.

The triReduce CLS FX service provides capital optimization and risk mitigation for the global FX community, combining TriOptima’s triReduce multilateral compression service with CLS’s infrastructure and market connectivity.

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