Sucden Financial and FlexTrade Systems launch TY3 matching engine

UK-based clearing and liquidity provider Sucden Financial launched its TY3 (Tokyo) matching engine, in conjunction with FlexTrade Systems.

The TY3 matching engine is aims at Asia-Pacific clients. It provides a significant reduction in cross-region latency and an improved experience with enhancements to liquidity and price discovery during Asia trading hours. The new matching engine in combination with Sucden Financial’s established NY4 and LD4 infrastructure brings low latency access to the company’s customised liquidity across all three regions.

Sucden Financial

Phil Kim, Head of eFX Sales, Asia-Pacific, commented:

We are very excited to add our TY3 venue to Sucden Financial’s ever-expanding suite of eFX products, as well as for our partnership with FlexTrade. This launch underlines our continued commitment to enhancing our services within the Asia-Pacific region, even during these times of global uncertainty.

Manish Kedia, Global Head of FX and Managing Director, FlexTrade APAC, stated:

We are delighted to be working with Sucden Financial, one of the world’s leading FX providers. This partnership to create an ultra-low latency solution for APAC clients is in-line with our long-term commitment to the region. We believe that with Sucden Financial’s top-quality liquidity and our best-in-class solution will make this collaboration a great success.

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