Monex Group finalises acquisition of Viling

Tokyo-based Monex Group revealed today that it has completed the acquisition of Viling, Inc. The Group noted in its official announcement that it has acquired all of the shares Japan-headquartered company.

Monex stressed the significance of the acquisition as a first step in the education business and in the direction of its future strategy. The Group detailed that in April 2021, it revised its principles and has established the goal of to support individuals through educational tools.

The new wholly owned subsidiary, Viling, has been engaged in STEAM education since 2013. The company develops its own educational materials and content, manages its own classrooms and operates franchises.

Monex Group

The official announcement said:

With STEAM education, Viling nurtures problem-solving skills through the use of technology and other means to develop human resources who can play an active role in the new ‘Society 5.0’. We believe Viling, with its global standard educational theories and its philosophy and passion for social contribution, is the best partner to pursue Monex Group’s new business principles.

Earlier in October, Monex announced launching its own wealth management services in answer to the growing customer demand. The Japanese company offered the services under the newly established Private Wealth Department.

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