Monex to launch wealth management services

Monex, Inc., part of the Japanese company Monex Group, has announced the launch of its wealth management services in answer to the growing customer demand.

The new services will be available from next Monday, 18 October 2021, under the newly established Private Wealth Department. The company also noted that the new department is expecting to onboard a new head who will flag off the wealth management services.

The official announcement said:

Monex recognizes the need for stable and robust services in this area, as the wealth management in Japan, often primarily offered by foreign financial institutions, has a history of restructuring and reorganization among players.

Monex Group

Monex is committed to its goal of offering the wealth management services that protect the value of customers’ assets and of becoming a customer-centric asset/wealth manager.

Monex is already offering consulting services to its customers through independent financial advisors. The in-person services allow the company to offer its products through in-person marketing and to cate to a wide base of customers.

The company said:

This also caters to a wide range of requests from customers who require consulting services, and assets under management accumulated through IFAs have been steadily growing.

The launch of the new wealth management services is expected to expand the reach of Monex.

The enhanced in-person marketing is especially designed for high-net-worth individuals, while the goal of the services is to focus on protecting the value of their assets.

Recently, Monex reported that crypto trading drove a 457% increase in profit for the company in the second quarter. This was attributed tom the crypto exchange Coincheck, which Monex acquired in 2018.

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