Monex to introduce margin account services for US equities

Japan-based financial services company Monex Group today revealed it is launching new margin account services offering for US-based equities. The official announcement detailed that the new instruments will be available from 23 January 2023.

The Group has partnered with US-based group company, TradeStation, to offer US equity trading services, setting it apart from other Japanese online securities. For instance, Monex offers extended-hours trading, as well as free real-time stock price quotes and trailing stop orders.

In 2022, Monex added the Earnings Report Flash feature, which visually displays information on US company financial results soon after the announcements.

Monex Group

To further meet customer needs, Monex recently announced its intention to begin offering US equity margin account services. The launch has been delayed due to system issues, however, the group noted that the service will be available next week.

Monex stated:

With US equity margin trading, investors can trade twice the amount of their original capital (margin deposit) and buy and sell the same stock as many times as they wish on the same day.

The minimum deposit for the new service is $2,900. Additionally, more funds are necessary to place an order to cover commissions and interests.

The official announcement said:

At the start of the service, only the PC version will be available for purchase, but in the future, we plan to expand the service in various ways to make margin trading of U.S. stocks more convenient, such as enabling trading via the “TradeStation U.S. Stock Smartphone” and adding time periods to order types.

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