LCH extends non-deliverable interest rate swaps offering


LCH has expanded its non-deliverable interest rate swaps offering yesterday, adding five additional currencies – Brazilian Real, Chilean Peso, Colombian Peso, Taiwan Dollar and Thai Baht.

The global clearing house began clearing of non-deliverable interest rate swaps last April. Since then, market participants have been able to clear this product denominated in Chinese Yuan, Korean Won and Indian Rupee. LCH has cleared over $5.47 trillion of these currencies since go live.

SwapClear now offers clearing for derivatives across 26 currencies, more than any other OTC clearing house. In 2018, LCH’s interest rate derivatives clearing service, SwapClear, processed over $1 quadrillion in notional and compressed over $773 trillion, estimated to have saved its customers up to $39.5 billion in capital.

Cameron Goh, Global Head of Product, Rates, LCH, said:

We’re delighted to be expanding our non-deliverable swaps offering to include these currencies. Our focus continues to be on providing maximum capital and margin efficiencies for the market, and this latest extension is another example of LCH partnering with our customers to extend our cleared product set.

Bruno Lettich, Global Head Rates Trading, Standard Chartered Bank, commented:

This is an important development for the market, and we are delighted to be among the first members to clear these derivatives at LCH as we continually look to expand the risk management benefits that we provide to our clients. This move by LCH to expand the Asian product offering and the inclusion of Latam currencies, extends the significant margin and capital efficiency benefits of LCH’s global liquidity pool.

Felicia Grumet, Global Head of OTC Clearing at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, added:

LCH’s expansion into additional APAC currencies provides us with further opportunity to increase capital and margin efficiencies for our clients through SwapClear’s global pool of cleared liquidity. We’re delighted to be able to offer the substantial benefits of clearing these products to our clients across the globe.

Ariel Jezierski, Head Trader of Latin America Currencies and Emerging Markets, J.P. Morgan, concluded:

We are pleased to be one of the first participants to clear these products at LCH. This extension into additional Latin American swaps helps us to effectively manage counterparty risk.

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