FastMatch opens up its FX Tape to the general public

FastMatch FX Tape

Forex ECN FastMatch has announced that individuals may now purchase FX Tape data from its website at a cost of €40 a month. Payment can be made by credit card.

FastMatch launched its FX Tape service in September, as a new and innovative market data product that improves post-trade transparency in FX markets and allows market participants to monetize their trading data. FX Tape will also serve as a central reference point for spot FX transacted prices, helping individuals and companies to benchmark their FX rates. Typically such trading data costs thousands of euros a month and requires special programming in order to receive it, so the average consumer cannot access the data.

FastMatch is now making this data available at low cost at

“FastMatch is bringing transparency in spot FX to anyone with a credit card”, said Dmitri Galinov, CEO of FastMatch, Inc. “Now, for a small monthly fee, individuals and companies can view the latest FX rates transacted on interbank markets. This information empowers them to demand better FX rates from vendors.”

The FX Tape is open to all contributors under an open access model with a percentage of the net revenue generated by FX Tape shared with contributors, according to the volume contributed.

FastMatch has operated as a Euronext company since August 2017. FastMatch’s three former owners, Global Brokerage Inc (NASDAQ:GLBR), Credit Suisse and BNY Mellon Corp, announced in late May that they are selling 90% of the company to Euronext NV (EPA:ENX) for $153 million. The transaction closed in mid August.

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