Euronext’s FastMatch FX Tape available to all QuantHouse API users

FastMatch FX Tape

QuantHouse just announced that the FastMatch consolidated central market data product, the FX Tape, is now available on the QuantHouse API Ecosystem store.

FastMatch announced the launch of FX Tape back in September 2017 and opened it up to the general public two months later. LeapRate reminds that retail FX broker FXCM Group joined the FastMatch FX Tape last year.

More than 300+ buy-side firms and investment banks are connected to the QuantHouse API Ecosystem using solutions provided by buy and sell-side firms, execution venues and technology partners via a single managed QuantHouse API. As QuantHouse manages the API, customers can access services quickly and efficiently, simply by ‘plugging-in’.

Pierre Feligioni, CEO and Co-founder, QuantHouse

Pierre Feligioni, CEO and Co-founder, QuantHouse

Pierre Feligioni, CEO and Co-founder, QuantHouse, said:

Whether you sit on the buy-side or sell-side, anyone who trades FX will benefit from being able to access the FastMatch FX tape. We commend FastMatch for looking to create the first consolidated tape for the FX market and are delighted to be able to help expand their reach through our API global community of users.

Kevin Wolf, CEO, FastMatch

Kevin Wolf, CEO FastMatch Source: LinkedIn

Kevin Wolf, CEO, FastMatch, commented:

FastMatch’s FX Tape makes post-trade information for the spot market accessible to everyone as we deliver transaction information from a broad range of sources. FastMatch experienced heightened interest in the FX Tape recently from several Central Banks following the January 2019 USDJPY flash crash which validates the value of an independent reference point in the market. We anticipate that QuantHouse will act as a complementary channel for those wishing to access the FX Tape in addition to our suite of Spot FX Market Data products.

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