Equiti Capital partners with Lucera for LumeFX deployment

FCA-regulated prime of prime broker, Equiti Capital, part of the Equiti Group, has deployed FX aggregator Lucera LumeFX’s technology.

Lucera’s services will provide Equiti Capital with access to new markets without having to own or operate any infrastructure, clearing the way for Equiti Capital to focus on its core expertise.

LumeFX can be released in New York (NY4), London (LD4), Tokyo (TY3), France (FR3) and Singapore (SG1) offices to provide aggregation technology and connectivity. The technology is used by banks and non-banks alike around the globe, with its smart order router (SOR) and flexible control over liquidity pools, price aggregation, distribution, and order routing, while responding to pre-set risk limits automatically.

Benedict Sears, Head of Equiti Capital’s FX Desk, commented:

Benedict Sears, Equiti Capital

Benedict Sears
Source: LinkedIn

We are very pleased to have partnered with Lucera to expand the technology we use to distribute liquidity to clients. As a desk the high fill rates and aggressive pricing we provide to our electronic clients is paramount, the low latency of the co-located infrastructure provided by Lucera, coupled with the excellent liquidity management tools and analytics, helps us to this end.

Lucera’s LumeFX platform allows Equiti to provide customisable liquidity streams to every client, aiding the matching of client interests to reduce market impact, while monitoring risks, including pre-trade credit checks, to ensure business continuity even in volatility spikes without compromising our dynamic risk management.”

Frank van Zegveld, MD of Business Development and Sales at Lucera, added:

Frank van Zegveld, Lucera

Frank van Zegveld
Source: LinkedIn

We’re very pleased with our partnership with Equiti Capital.  Lucera’s LumeFX platform gives Equiti a new level of control of their FX operation, enabling Equiti Capital to dynamically manage every facet of how their clients interact and run their FX business with access to best-in-class FX technology.

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