Lucera launches as low-latency infrastructure provider for high frequency FX trading

FX liquidity aggregator FXOne and a binary options platform have already tested the company’s offering

Last April a team of 11 engineers, alongside with Jacob Loveless have parted with their former employer Cantor Fitzgerald to form a new enterprise – Lucera. The team was responsible for the high-frequency trading division at the private investment bank and as such, they have identified some key latency issues that could be overcome. It took them less than a year to complete their task and Lucera has now started offering its infrastructure solution to various high-frequency trading companies.

A report by Waters Technology is detailing how the company has overcome various challenges and gets insightful with the company’s CEO Jacob Loveless. Lucera’s solution offers extremely low latencies that are well suited for trading on the forex market in a high-frequency fashion. As it was ready to be put to the test the company has reached out to several clients and the result that they experienced was staggering.

It all depends on your perception of time, but in this particular case the result of a 200-microsecond reduction results in a serious advantage in the world of high-frequency trading. According to Waters Technology’s interview with Loveless the company has achieved this progress through an outright optimization of the operating system of the environment to fit directly to the central processing unit’s cores.

The next potential client of the company was a binary options platform, which proved to be quite a challenge as there was a price feed connected with 60 different streams of data that heavily used the infrastructure of the company. Loveless explains how his team looked relieved when the resulting test achieved more than 1 million messages a second – a truly real-time feed that virtually eliminates all arbitraging trading opportunities.

The company will be offering its solution on a month-by-month payment plan that offers additional flexibility to Lucera’s customers. The solution appeals to many different types of companies outside the high-frequency trading world – liquidity aggregator FXOne has already signed up to use the firm’s infrastructure for its various FX solutions.

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