Dash adds real-time transparency for portfolio trading

Dash adds real-time transparency for portfolio trading

Dash Financial Technologies, the capital markets technology and execution provider, has just added a new suite of real-time analytics, visualization and reporting tools aimed at portfolio traders.

The new tools are available natively in Dash360, the firm’s web-based platform.

In September, Dash launched an advanced new portfolio trading algorithm available on a front-end agnostic basis. For users of the PT algo, the new Dash360 tools provide a cockpit of real-time portfolio-level analytics.

Commenting on the new Dash360 capabilities, Jennifer Hubbs, Co-Head of Dash’s Portfolio Trading Solutions Group, said:

Our team has worked for many years with investment professionals on their portfolio execution challenges, and invariably the struggles come back to shortcomings around transparency, performance and control. As the rise of PT as a workflow continues, this new solution simplifies and visualizes in real-time the huge amount of data these traders are parsing to help them focus only on outliers and other special situations, which ultimately enables them to add operational alpha to the execution process. We have had a phenomenal response from early adopters of this product thus far and are extremely excited for the broader institutional trading community to now use it.

David Karat, Chief Creative Officer and Dash360 product lead, added:

Recent regulatory changes such as MiFiD II have done a fantastic job of engendering more transparency globally in an industry that has traditionally been fairly opaque. While this is a wonderful development, this creates a tremendous amount of new data at a time when buy side is continually being asked to do more with less. It is therefore critical that they have the analytics, reporting and visualization tools that allow them to cut through the noise by presenting clear, concise and actionable intelligence. Dash360 is a great platform that allows us to not only express our analytics, but continually and seamlessly innovate to ensure we remain at the forefront of the institutional technology and execution space.

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Dash adds real-time transparency for portfolio trading


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