CQG partners up with DVeX to reach institutional crypto traders

The US-based financial software provider for traders, brokers, commercial hedgers, and exchanges CQG, announced yesterday its collaboration with the new cryptocurrency exchange DVeX. The new partnership will immediately allow DVeX clients access to CQG’s front-end platforms for trading instruments and analytics.

Incorporated by the trading organization DV Trading, DVeX is an institutional cryptocurrency trading platform, designed for professional trading companies. Clients can trade multiple physical cryptocurrency pairs denominated in multiple fiat currencies using the platform’s trading applications.

Founder of DV Group Dino Verbrugge, said:

The DV team is excited to announce our partnership with CQG, which will enable DV to advance our vision of creating a true institutional trading environment for crypto assets. DVeX is now integrated with CQG’s platform, streaming live, reliable and actionable cryptocurrency prices directly to CQG’s clients, who will now be able to add DVeX as an additional venue to transact cryptocurrencies just as they would any other exchange.

CQG Chief of Staff Alli Brennan, said:

Alli Brennan

Alli Brennan

CQG’s suite of trading products, along with our connectivity to futures exchanges listing cryptocurrencies, gives DVeX customers consolidated access to more trade opportunities and the tools they need to make smart decisions. We’re excited to partner with DVeX to reach new institutional crypto traders and offer an exciting opportunity to our existing network of customers who will have access to this important new marketplace.

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