CLS October ADV up 9% YoY

The major settlement provider in the forex market CLS has released its monthly trading volumes for October 2021. The company saw an uptick in the demand of its FX products during last month.

The platform registered average daily traded volumes (ADV) of $1.86 trillion in October, a 1.8% increase compared to last month and 9% jump on yearly basis.


CLS offers forex products divided into forward, swap and spot. The ADV of FX forwards went slightly down in October. It stood a $102 billion last month, slightly lower that the $114, seen in September 2021 and the $ 117 CLS registered in October 2020.

FX swaps ADV reached $1.319 trillion last month, 10% up from September and 2.9% higher than the same period the previous year.

ADV with FX spot trading increased more than 13.5% compared to September, coming at $445 billion. Then umber was 2% up on yearly basis.


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