BidX Markets launches today

Global multi-asset liquidity solutions provider BidX Markets today announced its official launch.

The company is regulated by the FCA and provides solutions which connect brokers, asset managers and funds to Tier 1 liquidity, connectivity and distribution services.

Founded by industry veteran Simon Blackledge, who previously launched iTexSys, BidX Markets’ founding team comprises of industry experts from Barclays Capital, LMAX and BNP Paribas.

In the official announcement shared with LeapRate, BidX Markets noted that the FCA authorisation was obtained in the beginning of 2021. The company then proceeded to build a robust core systems combined with continuous testing with a handful of clients across various segments.

BidX Markets

BidX Markets boasted a list of broker clients and technology partners at launch, which includes Beeks Financial Cloud, Your Bourse, and Gold-i.

Simon Blackledge, Founder and Chief Executive Officer for BidX Markets commented:

Simon Blackledge, BidX Markets

Simon Blackledge

We are very excited to announce the official launch of BidX Markets. BidX has created an industry leading Tier 1 liquidity product which we can tailor to any client’s specific requirements, whilst also providing a range of innovative solutions for all market segments including brokers, asset managers and funds.

Our experienced team leverages their knowledge and expertise, to provide an unapparelled customer service, and we look forward to becoming the liquidity solutions hub for all client types.


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