Exclusive: Vincenzo Roselli leaves ETX Capital for Investoo, now a major FX, CFD and cryptocurrency affiliate

Investoo FX affiliate

LeapRate Exclusive… LeapRate has learned that longtime ETX Capital executive Vincenzo Roselli has left the company, to join Investoo Group as a senior executive. Mr. Roselli is now in charge of growing Investoo’s relationships with FX, CFD and cryptocurrency brokers.

Vincenzo Roselli

Vincenzo Roselli – always in motion

At ETX, which Mr. Roselli came to from the online gaming industry, he was responsible for among other things restructuring ETX’s affiliate program, and also had a major hand in driving ETX Capital’s rebranding nearly two years ago.

Investoo has grown to include a number of brands and websites providing a variety of services around (mainly) FX trader education. And, the company and its various brands have become one of the (if not the) largest FX affiliates, based on the number of depositing traders the company sends each month the way of various online brokers.

Just how big has Investoo become?

Where does it see the most growth ahead?

And why did Mr. Roselli, who is a very well regarded and experienced executive, leave the FX brokerage side of the business to join Investoo?

We spoke with Vincenzo on all this and more. Here is what he had to say.

LR: Hi Vincenzo, and thanks for joining us today. Please let us know a little more about Investoo, which we believe has become one of the largest FX and CFD broker affiliates.

Vincenzo: Investoo Group has quickly become not only the biggest affiliate in the FX and CFD space, but also a leading advertising and lead generation player in the financial industry. Our web properties include more traditional brands comparison / affiliate sites such as snipethetrade.com, top10cryptosites.com and top5stockbrokers.com, but also financial news sites such as invezz.com and 100forexbrokers.com as well as one of the most popular trading education sites in investoo.com.

LR: How did you come to the decision to leave ETX after four years, and join Investoo?

Vincenzo: After setting up probably one of the most successful affiliate programmes among FCA / London based brokers, I felt my time at ETX had come to an end and really needed a new challenge; therefore given my existing network and my past experience within forex and gaming, I felt joining such an ambitions startup was the natural choice.

LR: How does Investoo’s business model operate?

Vincenzo: Investoo Group utilizes a variety of business models to accommodate the advertising needs of different brokers. With regards to our CPA (cost per funded accounts) offering, we are now able to generate over 3,000 new depositing accounts per month, representing by far the biggest player in the FX/CFD affiliate space. However we also run pure marketing campaigns across the network as well as B2C educational campaigns on investoo.com, where we offer over 500 video tutorials, live webinars run and trading courses.

LR: In what geographies and products is Investoo now doing the most business? Are you riding the “cryptocurrency wave”? Where do you see the most growth potential in the coming months?

Vincenzo: We operate genuinely on a global scale; we are very active in all Global EN markets, DACH, Scandinavia, LATAM and China.

The vast majority of our traffic comes from Google advertising (pay per click) therefore we can literally generate big traffic volume wherever there is demand from brokers and searches from customers.

In the past few months we have seen a huge increase in Google searches for crypto currency trading and we are of course taking advantage of this as part of our media buying. This is definitely the side of business that will continue to grow in the next months.

LR: When it comes to cryptocurrency trading, where do you see retail clients doing their trading? How do they look at a “traditional” FX broker, versus a crypto-exchange when trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, et al?

Vincenzo: Most potential clients do not really know or understand the difference between trading with an exchange such as Coinbase and tradimg crypto assets with a CFD broker. However, once they are aware of the limitations in earning opportunities, restrictions on deposits and withdrawals and the lack of regulation of crypto exchanges, most clients realise it is much easier and safer to trade crypto currencies with CFD brokers.

LR: What else can we expect to see from Investoo in the coming months?

Vincenzo: The company is investing heavily in acquisitions of new web properties and in launching new advertising concepts in other finance related sectors. We have recently purchased and launched RoboAdvisors.com which will compare and advertise companies in the Portfolio management / Robo Advisors sector and within the next couple of weeks will also announce a big new acquisition in the crypto space.

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