DTCC teams up with Droit, expands one-stop trade reporting

DTCC teams up with Droit, expands one-stop trade reporting

The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) just announced that it has teamed up with real-time transactional compliance firm Droit.

The partnership aims to enable market participants to leverage Droit’s reporting eligibility capabilities within DTCC’s Pre-Reporting Transformation Services for supported G20 regimes as well as the forthcoming Securities Financing Transactions Regulation (SFTR).

Since 2014, Droit’s ADEPT platform has been invaluable to our clients in proving, to themselves and external parties, that reporting decision-making for each transaction is accurate and complete with respect to the laws in force at that time,” commented Satya Pemmaraju, CEO, Droit. “This new link between DTCC’s Pre-Reporting Transformation Services and ADEPT provides a compelling proposition for an industry seeking efficient, accurate, transparent, scalable and cost-effective reporting infrastructure.

DTCC’s Pre-Reporting Transformation Services will help clients normalise, enrich and validate trade data, before it can then be submitted to the registered trade repository. Now, with Droit’s ADEPT platform added, customers will have the option of including pre-installed reporting decision-making as part of DTCC’s one-stop solution for both SFTR and derivatives reporting regimes.

Regulatory compliance is a key issue for market participants across the post-trade space. DTCC will continue to work with our clients to help them understand how new and existing regulations can affect their day-to-day processes, and where we can provide value-add solutions,” said Val Wotton, Managing Director, Product Development & Strategy, Derivatives & Collateral Management, DTCC. “Our partnership with Droit is a further example of how we’re bringing together best-in-class technologies and delivering them as a DTCC hosted solution for our clients.

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DTCC teams up with Droit, expands one-stop trade reporting


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