VT Markets on rebranding and MT5 transition

VT Markets’ Managing Director Chris Nelson-Smith talks about what sets VT Markets apart from the rest, the rebranding and the transition to MetaTrader 5.

How has VT Markets been able to so successfully solidify its brand and expand its client base over the last couple of years?

Chris Nelson-Smith: A big factor in the recent growth of VT Markets has been the successful rebrand we have recently implemented. In December, VT Markets launched an updated and expanded company website which is focused on providing both existing and potential clients with more information on the products, services, and platforms offered by us. By rebranding, we were successfully able to establish ourselves as a strong competitor in the industry and to raise the profile of our brand more generally.

A core part of this brand image is the outstanding level of client service we provide. Following on from this, we have continued to expand our presence throughout Asia and Europe. We distinguish ourselves in an increasingly crowded market by making a firm commitment to customer service and securing competitive pricing for our clients. We are proud of the brand reputation we have built up so far, and our growing client base is a testament to this.

VT Markets on rebranding and MT5 transition

With so many brokers making the transition to the MT5 platform, why did VT Markets decide to make the change?

Chris: In response to growing user demand, VT Markets has taken the decision to add support for MT5. The MT5 platform was designed from the ground up to trade a variety of markets, which includes stocks, commodities, and FX. When compared to its predecessor, MT5 is better able to handle trading multiple market types at once because it operates as a centralised trading exchange.

As trading volume has picked up significantly over the last 12 months, we have noticed an increased demand amongst our global client base for a platform better able to trade multiple market types — particularly as trading volumes hit new all-time-highs across all market types. Also, with more new investors than ever trading online for the first time, demand is continually increasing. With that said, adding MT5 to our existing service offerings helps to provide effective trading solutions for our clients.

We are committed to providing a wide range of products, investment tools, and trading solutions to the community of traders we have built up, as well as delivering the next generation MetaQuotes trading platform to our clients.

How does VT Markets stand out from the crowd in an increasingly crowded market?

Chris: Although we face increasingly tough competition, VT Markets has maintained a position as the platform of choice for many traders and investors. We have achieved this by focusing on a few key aspects of our service and product offering, which helps us to stand out from the crowd. Client independence is particularly important to us. We have put significant effort into ensuring that our clients are provided with flexibility, accessibility, and availability, as well as giving them access to innovative trading tools. We also understand the importance of committed client service and are on hand 24 hours a day, five days a week — always ready to help you meet your trading goals.

To help you meet your trading goals, the VT Markets development team has put together an advanced suite of trading tools, which are unique even amongst the biggest brokers. These technologies allow traders to exceed their trading goals and provide users with better liquidity, tighter spreads, and an enhanced trading experience that will be difficult to match.

Our primary goal is to provide an industry-leading trading experience that gives users a professional, regulatory-compliant and local solution no matter where they are located. We have also improved the trading experience by adding new payment channels, decreasing account opening times, expanding our influence through strategic partnerships, and by adding liquidity providers to deliver tight spreads.

Is the brokerage sector slated for success, or are there any headwinds that brokers should be mindful of moving forward?

Chris: The last year and a half has been challenging for all of us to navigate, and the global pandemic has created practical concerns that many sectors are still coming to terms with. Nevertheless, the FX sector has experienced record levels of growth, both in terms of trading volumes and new account creation. With this in mind, our main concern is carrying this momentum forward, as well as ensuring we continue to deliver on the level of service our clients have come to expect.

Our research and experience indicates that with more of us working from home than before, the online trading and investment sector will continue to experience growth, at least in the immediate future. For this reason, it is more important than ever for our clients to be safe in the knowledge that they have partnered with a trustworthy and transparent broker that delivers on client service.

We are immensely proud of the brand we have built up so far and look forward to continuing to deliver on this promise. Our commitment is to keep providing an exceptional trading environment that delivers innovative trading products. We look forward to growing with our clients and expect to see user engagement with our platform continue to grow moving forward into 2021.

What is the brand vision for VT Markets in 2021 and what do we have on the horizon beyond this?

Chris: VT Market’s brand vision is simple — to become the broker of choice for traders of skilled and experienced levels, and to provide our clients with the tools to be successful in the forex market. Excellence is something we strive for every single day, whether it be through enhancing and expanding our existing services or developing new and innovative product offerings. VT Markets will always ensure our clients are provided with an industry leading trading experience that will help you to meet your trading and investment goals.

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