Freetrade sees a jump in revenue to £12.7 million in FY21

UK and EU brokerage platform Freetrade has released its consolidated report of its business for the financial year 2021, ended on 30 September.

The firm reported revenue of £12.7 million for the financial year. This was a 647% jump from the previous year’s £1.7 million revenue.

This was attributed to the tripled trading volumes during the period which reached £3.3 billion. Compared to the previous year’s £0.8 billion, the numbers were 313% higher.


The number of registered users also rose significantly during FY21, with 637,895 new traders on the platform. The year ended with a total of 886,743 users and 256% increase compared to FY20.

Freetade also revealed that by the end of 2021, the numbers of users surpassed 1 million.

The firm recently announced raising £30 million from existing and new investors in its latest funding round.

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