Exness shows 10% MoM growth for June trading figures

After releasing its trading volume figures for June, Exness has shown positive growth in two of the primary metrics for trading volume. The Forex and CFD broker has shown an increase of more than 10% between May and June and an 84% increase when comparing June 2020 figures to June 2021.

For June 2021, it had a trading volume of $861.7 billion. This is compared to $778.3 billion in May 2021 and $468.5 billion in June 2020. The trading volume for June 2020 is a record amount for the company for June. It’s also the second-highest trading volume it has posted, with March 2021 holding the record of $930.6 billion.

The company has shown positive growth for every year of operation, with 2019 the only exception to this as it hit similar figures to 2018. The 2021 figures show trading volumes around 80 times higher than those of 2010 generally, although a comparison between June 2021 and June 2010 has a trading volume almost 200 times higher.


The increase in trading volume comes as Exness showed a decrease in active customers, falling from 207,150 in May to 204,925 in June. This means that although the total number of active customers is lower, the average trading volume per customer rose.

May 2021 saw an average trading volume per customer of just under $3.8 million. June 2021 saw an increase to this average with just over $4.2 million per customer.

Despite the slight fall in active customers for June, there is an increase in the number of active customers from the start of the year. January saw 164,862 active customers, so there are more than 40,000 active customers in place as of June. This was an increase from the number of active customers at the start of 2020, when Exness had 77,889 active customers.

Exness has also seen an increased number of withdrawals made by customers. In the first quarter of 2021, it saw withdrawals of $404.7 million, and the second quarter saw withdrawals of $430.4 million.

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