Dukascopy goes live with Chained Binary Option contracts

Dukascopy adds new CFD bonds and indices for trading on LIVE

After launching in demo mode last month, Geneva based Retail FX broker Dukascopy has announced that its Chained Option Contracts product has been released for Live trading.

Binary traders of Dukascopy Bank and Dukascopy Europe can now use two types of automated trading strategies: Winning and Martingale.

Winning is a follow-the-trend strategy, one of the most popular in binaries trading. If the trader recognizes the trend and enables a Winning chain, the system will automatically place a new contract with an increased amount (equal to the payout of the previous contract) every time the previous contract expires in-the-money. In case of Winning chain with 3 contracts, the trader risk only the amount of the initial bet, but has the opportunity to earn 12 times more if all contracts will finish according to recognized trend.

Conversely, the Martingale strategy doubles the bet if the previous one has been lost. When a Martingale chain is linked to an option the system will automatically place a new contract for a doubled amount every time the previous contract expires out-of-the-money. If at least any contract in the chain with doubled amount finishes with winning outcome it would cover previous losses and make the chain end up with a cumulative profit.

The maximum length of the each chain is limited to 3 additional contracts and traders can cancel contracts left in the chain at any time before next contract turns to executing status.

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