Dukascopy adds new feature for binaries – chained contracts

Dukascopy adds new CFD bonds and indices for trading on LIVE

Geneva based Retail FX broker Dukascopy has announced that it has added a new functionality to its binary option contracts: chained option contracts.

Two types of chains are available:

  • Martingale and
  • Winning.

When enabling a Martingale chain to an option, the system will automatically place another chained contract for a doubled amount every time the previous contract expires out-of-the-money. Conversely, enabling a Winning chain will make the system automatically place another contract with an increased amount every time the previous contract expires in-the-money. The maximum length of the chain is limited to 3 additional contracts.

The new feature is now available for testing on Demo environment, and Live launch will follow shortly.

Refer to the trading conditions for more details.

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