CLS Group sees $1.67 trillion average daily trading volumes in August 2021

Forex settlement provider CLS Group has released its monthly trading metrics for August 2021. The company saw a $1.67 trillion in average daily trading volumes for the period

This represented a 1% increase compared to the same period last year. On monthly basis, the numbers were 3.8% lower than July 2021.



The Group also reported a 4% YoY rise FX forward and 2% YoY increase in FX swap with $79 billion and $1.2 trillion for August 2021, respectively. FX spot volumes were down 5% on yearly basis, accounting for $0.36 trillion.

On monthly basis, FX forward was down 5.9%,  FX swaps by 0.6% and FX spot by 12.6%.

CLS and IHS Markit recently announced that HSBC has joined the cross-currency swaps service. With the latest addition, the settlement members live on the service are now nine.


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