CLS Group registers over $2 trillion in FX ADV in September

Forex settlement provider CLS Group has released its monthly trading metrics for September 2022. The company saw a $2.04 trillion in average daily trading volumes for the period.

This represented a 15% increase compared to August 2022. On yearly basis, the numbers were 11.5% higher than September 2021.

Last month was the second-best month for the platform and the second time since last March it surpassed $2 trillion in trading volumes.


The Group’s forex market offering is split into three main categories: forward, swap and spot. According to the official announcement, the demand in all three has increased in September.

FX swaps was the instrument with the most absolute trading volume, generating an ADV of $1.36 trillion for the period, rising 10.7% from previous month’s 1.23 trillion.

FX spot trading volumes increased 26% to $541 billion, compared to $429 billion in August 2022.

CLS reported FX forwards of $114 billion, jumping 17% compared to previous month’s $118 billion.

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