ATFX launches electronic signature service in South East Asia

ATFX launches electronic signature service in South East Asia

Fintech company and brokerage ATFX recently launched Adobe Sign as a new service for its clients in South East Asia. The new service allows clients to sign electronic forms and send them back to the company in a minute.

LeapRate reminds that the broker also recently launched ATFX Connect for institutional clients, Biometric facial recognition services. The MT5 trading platform will also be launched in Q1 of 2020.

The new electronic signature allows ATFX to minimise its carbon footprint given that the new service allows both ATFX and its clients to create and sign electronic documents without printing such documents, which is more eco-friendly.

The ATFX representative clarified that:

ATFX is always looking for ways to improve its clients’ trading experience and that Adobe Sign is just one of several new hi-tech solutions that the broker is looking to introduce to its clients soon.

The e-signs collected via Adobe Sign are legally binding and can be appended on any legal agreements between ATFX and its clients. The new service also allows ATFX to collect signatures from hundreds of customers using the same form, which increases the efficiency of our operations.

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