SIX Swiss Exchange’s trading volumes continue to increase over the year

Trading activity on SIX Swiss Exchange has continued to increase over the year. The year-to-date figures for July were significantly higher than the previous year and the trend was even more pronounced in August.

The highlights include:

  • Trading turnover of CHF 919.2 billion (+7.1% YoY) since the start of the year
  • Total trades in the year to date 34,309,076 (+6.9% YoY)
  • Average daily trading turnover of CHF 5.5 billion in the year to date

Trading turnover for the year to date was up 7.1% YoY at CHF 919.2 billion, compared with +5.9% for the period from January to July. The number of transactions executed in the first eight months also advanced YoY . Total transactions were up 6.9% at 34,309,076 transactions, a further improvement on the 4.2% growth recorded in the first seven months of the year.

August itself was a typical summer month, with a dip in trading activities compared with other months.

Trading turnover fell 7.7% month-on-month to CHF 94.4 billion. However, the number of transactions rose by 0.8%, advancing to 4,199,439. There were 22 trading days in July, one more than in August. The largest volume of transactions and highest daily trading turnover were recorded on 2 August. A total of 263,202 transactions were executed on that day, generating turnover of CHF 5.8 billion. NESTLE N was the security with the highest turnover and highest number of transactions in August.

The equities including funds + ETPs segment was the largest contributor to monthly turnover. Segment turnover declined 7.7% month-on-month to CHF 74.2 billion, but transaction volumes rose by 0.9% to 4,045,822. Turnover improved in the CHF bond segment, up a solid 4.7% at CHF 9.8 billion, despite a 10.0% drop in the number of transactions, which came in at 25,073. Trading turnover in the ETFs segment declined by 25.9% to CHF 7.0 billion and the number of trades fell 4.9% to 73,024. Turnover for structured products and warrants rose by a heady 13.6% to CHF 1.4 billion. The segment posted a total of 54,073 transactions, up an impressive 5.6%.

Seven new CHF bonds (-66.7%) and 2,794 new structured products and warrants (+1.8%) were admitted to trading in August. In total, 169 new CHF bonds (-1.7%) and 23,424 new structured products and warrants (-
4.0%) have been listed in the year to date.

The performance of the leading equity indices was as follows in August 2017: the blue chip SMI® index stood at 8,925.5 points at the end of August (-1.4% month-on-month; +8.6% YTD). The SLI Swiss Leader
Index® ended the month at 1,422.3 points (-1.6%; +9.6%) and the broader-based SPI® closed at 10,177.2 points (-1.3%; +13.5%). The SBI® AAA-BBB Total Return improved against the previous month (+1.1%; +0.4% YTD) to close at 136.8 points.

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