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September 05, 2018 BY Valentina Kirilova

Fidelity International ETFs now available via SIX

The ETF segment at SIX Swiss Exchange is gaining another high-profile provider: As of today, 5 smart beta ETF issued by Fidelity International trade on SIX. This takes the number of ETF providers available via SIX to a new high of 25, and the number of ETFs to a record of 1’394. Fidelity International is…

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SIX Swiss Exchange
September 04, 2018 BY Valentina Kirilova

SIX increases its stake in SECB GmbH to 100%

SIX Swiss Exchange has held a 25% stake in SECB (Swiss Euro Clearing Bank GmbH) since 1999. The other shareholders are the Swiss banks UBS, Credit Suisse and PostFinance, each with a 25% holding. SIX, in its capacity as the core infrastructure service provider of the Swiss financial center, is SECB’s largest client. The purpose…

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SIX Swiss Exchange
August 03, 2018 BY Valentina Kirilova

SIX Swiss exchange welcomes Criterion Arbitrage & Trading B.V.

Criterion Arbitrage & Trading B.V. becomes fourth new trading participant to join the Swiss stock exchange in 2018. Today, Criterion Arbitrage & Trading B.V. started as a trading participant on the Swiss stock exchange. Established in 2011 and located in Amsterdam, the company engages in market making and various arbitrage strategies in listed derivatives on…

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May 03, 2018 BY Valentina Kirilova

SIX launches international microwave-based trading in Europe

SIX Swiss Exchange announced that it has just launched its new international microwave-based trading connections in Europe. The Swiss exchange offers the service through its new Zurich-based joint-venture 12H AG (12H) with the shareholders of the microwave solutions provider 12Horizons Pte Ltd. Microwave technology allows trade data for all securities listed at SIX to be…

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March 16, 2018 BY LeapRate Staff

Swissquote launches first actively managed multi-cryptocurrency Certificate traded on SIX Swiss Exchange

Swiss online banking and brokerage leader Swissquote Group Holding SA (SWX:SQN) has announced that it has launched the first actively managed multi-cryptocurrency Certificate, called "Multi-Crypto Active Index". The Multi-Crypto Active Index allows mainstream investors to invest in a diversified portfolio of four different cryptocurrencies through a traditional financial vehicle publicly traded on the SIX Swiss Exchange.…

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SIX Repo partners with Entris Banking AG
March 01, 2018 BY LeapRate Staff

Electronic market maker XTX Markets starts trading on SIX Swiss Exchange

Leading Swiss stock exchange SIX Swiss Exchange has announced that XTX Markets Ltd. has started trading on SIX Swiss Exchange. XTX Markets is a leading quantitative-driven electronic market maker partnering with counterparties, exchanges and e-trading venues globally. It is the second new participant joining the exchange in 2018, after Gair Loch. Gregor Braun, Head Member Acquisition…

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SIX Swiss Exchange
February 26, 2018 BY Valentina Kirilova

Franklin Templeton accesses the Swiss market as ETF issuer

Franklin Templeton just announced that it has accessed the Swiss market as ETF issuer with five smart beta ETFs for which Susquehanna is acting as a market maker and providing the liquidity. The five smart beta ETFs newly tradable as of today. They provide investors additional opportunities to diversify their portfolio with European as well…

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