SIX Swiss Exchange announces YoY increase of July’s trading volumes

SIX Swiss Exchange has just published its trading volumes report for the month of July 2017. The highlights are:

  • Trading turnover of CHF 824.7 billion (+5.9% year-on-year) since the start of the year
  • Number of trades 30,109,594 (+4.2% year-on-year)
  • Average daily trading turnover of CHF 5.7 billion in the year to date
  • Two IPOs in July: Zur Rose and Landis+Gyr

There has been a year-on-year increase in trading activity on SIX Swiss Exchange. Trading turnover was up by 5.9% to CHF 824.7 billion in the first seven months of 2017. This trend was also reflected in the number of transactions, which rose by 4.2% to 30,109,594. Turnover averaged CHF 5.7 billion per trading day over this period. There was one additional trading day in the corresponding period in 2016.

There were 4,166,288 transactions on SIX Swiss Exchange last month, generating trading turnover of CHF 102.2 billion. This equates to a month-on-month decrease of 15.0% in terms of turnover and 5.4% in the
number of trades. The highest-turnover security in July was NESTLE N, while ROCHE GS featured the highest number of transactions. The day with the highest trading turnover during the month with an amount
of CHF 8.3 billion was 21 July, when the IPO of Landis+Gyr took place. As the third Friday of the month, this was also a “witching day”, with several series of futures products scheduled to expire.

The performance of the individual segments was as follows in July: the equities including funds + ETPs segment saw 4,008,892 trades, which represented a month-on-month decrease of 5.3%, while turnover was down by 16.5% to CHF 80.4 billion. The ETFs segment generated growth in trading turnover of 1.6% to CHF 9.4 billion, though the number of trades fell by 9.8% to 76,821. Turnover in structured products and warrants
was down by 6.6% to CHF 1.2 billion. However, there was a rise in the number of transactions of 0.7% to 51,223. CHF bond trades declined by 6.1% to 27,840, with turnover falling by 16.4% to CHF 9.3 billion.

SIX Swiss Exchange welcomed two new companies in July. Shares in Zur Rose Group AG were traded on SIX Swiss Exchange for the first time on 6 July, while the market entry of Landis+Gyr Group AG on 21 July
marked the largest IPO on SIX Swiss Exchange since 2006. This means that five companies have started trading their shares to the public on the Swiss stock exchange since the start of 2017. Furthermore, SIX
Swiss Exchange has been home to two of the three largest European IPOs in the year to date – those of Galenica Santé AG and Landis+Gyr Group AG.

A total of 21 new CHF bond issues (-22.2%) and 2,744 new structured products and warrants (-26.6%) were admitted to trading in July. As a result, a total of 162 new CHF bonds (+1.3%) and 20,630 new structured products and warrants (-4.7%) have been listed since the start of the year.

The performance of the leading equity indices in July 2017 was as follows: the blue chip SMI® index stood at 9,055.0 points at the end of July (+1.7% month-on-month, +10.2% versus end-2016). The SLI Swiss Leader Index® stood at 1,445.9 points (+3.0%/+11.4%) and the broader-based SPI® at 10,310.5 points (+1.8%/+15.0%). The SBI® AAA-BBB Total Return index was down versus June (-0.3%/-0.6% compared with end-2016) at 135.4 points.

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SIX Swiss Exchange announces YoY increase of July's trading volumes

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