SIX Swiss Exchange’s trading turnover increases in October

The good autumn weather in Switzerland last month was mirrored in trading activity on SIX Swiss Exchange.

In October, SIX Swiss Exchange posted increased trading turnover and transaction volumes across all trading segments. Trading turnover has risen significantly in the year to date, up 8.0% at CHF 1,129.7 billion.

The increase was reflected in the number of trades, which have climbed 9.3% to 42,714,874. Average daily trading turnover for the year to date came in at CHF 5.4 billion.

Trading turnover on SIX Swiss Exchange totaled CHF 107.3 billion in October, up 4.0% month-on-month.

Transaction volumes also rose, advancing 9.6% to 4,395,201. October contained 22 trading days – one more than September. The busiest trading day of the month was 26 October, both in terms of trading turnover (CHF 6.1 billion) and numbers of transactions (274,000). NESTLE N stocks posted the highest turnover and Roche GS stocks accounted for the highest number of trades.

Trading activity increased across all trading segments in October. The equities including funds & ETPs segment was the leading contributor to turnover: trading turnover was up 3.3% month-on-month at CHF 84.5 billion, while the number of trades rose by 9.5% to 4,231,348. Turnover in the CHF bonds segment advanced 0.6% to CHF 10.3 billion, with transaction volumes increasing by 6.1% to 30,076 trades. Trading turnover for ETFs rose 6.3% to CHF 8.7 billion; the number of trades was up 13.1% at 82,398. Turnover in the structured products and warrants segment gained 11.1% to reach CHF 1.2 billion, driven by an 11.7% increase in the number of trades to 49,861.

A total of 31 new CHF bonds (+34.8%) and 3,106 new structured products and warrants (-5.7%) were admitted to trading in October. In total, issuers have listed 223 new CHF bonds (+1.8%) and 29,824 new
structured products and warrants (+0.8%) in the year to date.

All the leading equity indices posted gains in October. The blue chip SMI® index stood at 9,242.2 points at the end of October (+0.9% month-on-month, +12.4% in the year to date). The SLI Swiss Leader Index®
closed at 1,505.0 points (+2.1%; +16.0%) while the broader-based SPI® came in at 10,604.4 points (+1.5%; +18.3%). The SBI® AAA-BBB Total Return index was up 0.4% month-on-month (+0.1% year to date) at 136.3 points.

In October, SIX Swiss Exchange agreed a partnership deal with the London Stock Exchange Group. SIX Swiss Exchange will now use the UnaVista service for transaction reporting in relation to securities authorized for trading on the Swiss Exchange.

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