SGX welcomes MindChamps PreSchool Limited to Mainboard

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Singapore Exchange (SGX) informed that has welcomed MindChamps PreSchool Limited to Mainboard under the stock code “CNE”.

MindChamps PreSchool Limited is the largest operator and franchisor of premium range preschool centres in Singapore. It has six company-owned-company-operated preschool centres, 30 franchisee-owned-franchisee-operated (FOFO) preschool centres and eight FOFO reading and writing centres in Singapore. The company has also expanded its franchise network to overseas markets including Australia, United Arab Emirates and the Philippines.

David Chiem, Founder CEO and Executive Chairman of MindChamps PreSchool Limited said:

We are heartened by the strong interest shown in MindChamps PreSchool’s listing by the public and the investment community. MindChamps was founded with the objectives of bridging the gaps in education and building a world-leading early-childhood education model for the 21st Century. Our DNA has always been to base everything we do on world-leading research and phase one was to develop and test our unique ‘3 Minds’ method of education. Phase two, over the past ten years, has been to trial and refine that approach to be robust enough to succeed on a global scale. Our successful listing on the Singapore Exchange is an important milestone as it will provide us with a strong platform to expand the MindChamps PreSchool model from Singapore to the world.

Simon Lim, Head of Equity Capital Market (Sectors) at SGX, added:

We are pleased to welcome the listing of MindChamps PreSchool Limited, marking the first early childhood educator provider to list on SGX. With the growing demand and focus in quality early pre-school learning, the listing will provide investors with an opportunity to partake in the growth of the early childhood education sector in not just Singapore, but also Australia and other global markets where MindChamps has set sights on. The market’s positive reception to MindChamps’ listing is a testament of its competitive edge, underpinned by its unique proprietary curriculum and pedagogy.

With a market capitalisation of more than S$200 million, the listing of MindChamps PreSchool Limited will boost SGX’s consumer cluster to a total of 149 listings with combined market capitalisation of over S$150 billion.

MindChamps PreSchool Limited opened at S$0.84 today.

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