SGX FX futures traded volume rises 34% MoM in March

Singapore Exchange (SGX) today released its trading metrics for March 2022. The company saw a surge in FX activity during the last month as the total foreign exchange futures traded volume came in at 2.8 million contracts. The numbers represent a 34% rise compared to the February.

The exchange noted that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine bolstered hedging activity in the FX market. Total FX futures traded volume increased 34% MoM to 2.8 million contracts in March. USD/CNH futures traded volume rose 48% MoM in last month. SGX INR/USD Futures volume were up by 22%.

SGX reported a record Derivatives daily average volume (DAV) of 1.2 million contracts. The registered numbers were the highest in two years.

The Singapore Exchange stated in the official announcement:

The traded volume of SGX FTSE China A50 Index futures – the most liquid international contract for Chinese equities – jumped 57% m-o-m in March to 11.1 million contracts, bringing the first-quarter tally to 26.8 million, up 17% q-o-q. SGX USD/CNH futures traded volume gained 48% m-o-m in March to 1.2 million contracts, while volume for the quarter was up 9% q-o-q. SGX Nifty 50 Index Futures traded volume rose 2% m-o-m (+18% q-o-q), while SGX INR/USD Futures volume climbed 22% m-o-m (+13% q-o-q).


SGX sees growth in securities turnover

Securities market turnover value rose 21%MoM in March, reaching S$35.7 billion. This also lifted the turnover for the last three months, from January-to-March by 26% compared to previous quarter to S$91 billion.

The bellwether Straits Times Index (STI) rose 5.1% in last month to 3,408.52. It was Asia-Pacific’s strongest performing benchmark in the first quarter with a 9.1% price return and a 9.6% total return.

Total commodity derivatives traded volume was up 66% MoM to 4.1 million contracts in March 2022.

The exchange added:

Total equity index futures traded volume increased 38% m-o-m to 18.4 million contracts in March (+15% q-o-q). There were gains across the board, with SGX Nikkei 225 Index Futures volume up 37% m-o-m (+12% q-o-q), SGX FTSE Taiwan Index Futures volume up 31% m-o-m (+15% q-o-q) and SGX MSCI Singapore Index Futures volume up 10% m-o-m (+5% q-o-q).

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