Revised lists of the Moscow Exchange Indices announced

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Moscow Exchange has revised the constituent lists of the Moscow Exchange Indices as well as free floats effective from September 22, 2017.

PJSC “RussNeft and DR of Lenta will be added to the MICEX Index and the RTS Index, while PJSC Uralkali ords and PJSC Bashneft prefs will be removed. The constituent lists of the Blue chip Index will remain unchanged.

PJSC “RussNeft” and PJSC “FG FUTURE” ords will be added to the Broad Market Index, while RSC Energia and PJSC “Yakutskenergo” ords will be removed.

PJSC Uralkali, PJSC “FG FUTURE” ords and PJSC Bashneft prefs will be added to the Second-Tier Index, while RSC Energia, PJSC “Yakutskenergo”ords and DR of Lenta will be removed.

PJSC “RussNeft” ords will be included in the Oil & Gas index Index, PJSC “FG FUTURE” ords will be join the Finances Index. PJSC “Yakutskenergo” ords will be removed from Industrial index. RSC Energia will leave the Electric Utilities Index.

Summary table of changes in the Moscow Exchange Indices’ Constituents Lists

MICEX Index, RTS IndexPJSC “RussNeft”, Ordinary sharesPJSC Uralkali, Ordinary shares
Lenta Ltd., DRPJSC Bashneft, Preferred shares
Broad Market IndexPJSC “RussNeft”, Ordinary sharesRSC Energia, Ordinary shares
PJSC “FG FUTURE”, Ordinary sharesPJSC “Yakutskenergo”, Ordinary shares
Second-Tier IndexPJSC Uralkali, Ordinary sharesRSC Energia, Ordinary shares
PJSC Bashneft, Preferred sharesPJSC “Yakutskenergo”, Ordinary shares
PJSC “FG FUTURE”, Ordinary sharesLenta Ltd., DR
Oil & Gas indexPJSC “RussNeft”, Ordinary shares
Industrial indexPJSC “Yakutskenergo”, Ordinary shares
Electric Utilities IndexRSC Energia, Ordinary shares
Finances IndexPJSC “FG FUTURE”, Ordinary shares
MICEX Innovation IndexLevenhuk Inc., Ordinary shares

Summary table of changes in number of shares employed in the calculation of the Moscow Exchange Indices and included in the waiting lists, as well as free-float coefficients

TickerIssuerCurrent number
of shares
New number
of shares
AKRNPJSC Acron, Ordinary shares40 534 00016%12%
AQUAPJSC “Russian Aquaculture”, Ordinary shares79 537 6516%5%
BSPB“Bank “Saint-Petersburg” PJSC, Ordinary shares439 554 000499 554 00037%
CBOMCREDIT BANK OF MOSCOW, Ordinary shares23 879 709 86625%23%
GCHEPJSC “Cherkizovo Group”, Ordinary shares43 963 77336%11%
KROT“Krasnyj Octyabr  Co.”, Ordinary shares9 217 58315%6%
LIFEPJSC “Pharmsynthez”, Ordinary shares151 724 392301 010 75416%12%
LNTALenta Ltd., DR486 593 730487 084 81558%
MOEXMoscow Exchange, Ordinary shares2 278 636 4932 276 401 45857%
MRKPIDGC of Center and Volga Region, PJSC, Ordinary shares112 697 817 04321%27%
MRKZIDGC of North-West, PJSC, Ordinary shares95 785 923 13825%30%
MVIDPJSC “”, Ordinary shares179 768 22742%27%
OGKBJSC “OGK-2”, Ordinary shares110 441 160 87018%23%
PLZLPJSC Polyus, Ordinary shares127 545 429133 561 1195%16%
QIWIQIWI PLC, DR (Issuer The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation)45 025 84045 080 46187%78%
RBCMPJSC “RBC”, Ordinary shares365 631 01035%30%
RSTIPJSC “ROSSETI”, Ordinary shares195 995 579 707198 827 865 14111%
TRCNPJSC “TransContainer”, Ordinary shares13 894 77810%8%
YNDXYandex N.V., Shares of a foreign issuer285 120 019285 203 01995%

From September 22, 2017 the following shares will be under consideration.

Under consideration to be added to Moscow Exchange indices:

1NKHPPJSC “NGP”, Ordinary shares
2TNSEPJSC GC “TNS energo”, Ordinary shares
3AQUAPJSC “Russian Aquaculture”, Ordinary shares
4ROLOPJSC “Rusolovo”, Ordinary shares
5KROT“Krasnyj Octyabr  Co.”, Ordinary shares
6TGKDPPJSC “Quadra – Power Generation”, Preferred shares
7OPINPJSC “OPIN”, Ordinary shares
8PRFNPAO “Chelyabinski zavod PROFNASTIL”, Ordinary shares

Under consideration to be removed from Moscow Exchange indices:

1KZOSPJSC “Kazanorgsintez”, Ordinary shares

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Revised lists of the Moscow Exchange Indices announced


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